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What We Do

Our Capabilities

Reputation Management

A strong reputation is fundamental to your organization’s success and growth. In this ever-evolving digital world, managing and maintaining your organization’s reputation demands constant and targeted attention. We create programs that assess your current reputation and develop, communicate and maintain your desired reputation with your most important audiences. WMG will work closely with you to assess the organization’s strengths and vulnerabilities, its associations and its public perception to develop a successful strategic communications plan.

Crisis Communications

Today’s 24/7 news cycle and constant access to information means a crisis can emerge and go viral at a moment’s notice. WMG has the expertise to proactively identify these potential crisis situations early and will develop targeted strategies to help your organization proactively fend off challenges to your reputation. Once a crisis happens, WMG will work with you to quickly develop a plan of action, draft messages and quickly communicate with your target audiences. Whether you are an individual or organization, our team can help you dismantle the issue and effectively change the dialogue.

Our team’s in-depth knowledge and understanding of the issues affecting industries and commerce ensures that you will have the resources, experience and access to decision makers that your organization needs. We will help you manage and identify issues, influence policy and voice your opinion to make sure your organization is heard.From identifying emerging issues to making introductions to decision makers to providing counsel about your strategic course, WMG will help you determine how and when to communicate about issues that affect your organization.

Issues Management

Litigation Communications

Legal battles have the ability to harm your organization’s credibility and reputation. Sensitive litigation requires coordinated communications to insulate your organization from those who wish to damage its image. At WMG, we understand that winning the public opinion battle is just as important as a victory in court. WMG will design and implement a tactical approach that protects your organization’s reputation and supplements the legal counsel’s strategy.

Strategic Media Relations

Media planning starts with a smart, targeted outreach plan that effectively tells your organization’s story. WMG develops media plans that get results – targeting the influential media members and outlets that influence your target audiences. At WMG, we use a disciplined approach to garner appropriate and timely media placements to help our clients influence opinions on their issues and introduce their brand to new audiences and tell their story. 

Executive and Organizational Visibility

Your organization’s public image and success are driven by your stakeholders’ perception of its executives. WMG can help your executive leaders identify and maximize opportunities for positive exposure for themselves and the organization. Our strategic counselors will recommend which public affairs activities are worth pursuing, from communications outreach to public meetings, events, partnerships, and alliances. We can design a plan that helps position your organization and its leaders as thought leaders, innovators and decision makers. Together we will cultivate a targeted, strategic plan for your leadership that strengthens your organization and helps achieve your business goals.

Media Training

WMG’s team of experienced trainers helps executives, novices and veteran spokespersons prepare to deliver your message in any venue – public speaking engagements, influencer and donor outreach and multi-platform media interviews. In our one-on-one or small group trainings, out team uses your messages to walk you through every step of effective communication. Through on-camera practice with simulated interviews, role-play, critique and feedback, the WMG training will help you feel comfortable delivering your messages in any media interview or public speaking venue.