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3 Benefits of Working at a Boutique PR Firm


There used to come a time where everyone wanted to work at a large agency and did whatever they could just to get their foot through the door.  Maybe you’d start at a role that was a bit too junior, but you’re working at a big agency, so did it really matter? You’ll eventually work your way up to senior staff just to become a glorified business development professional. Then, you may slowly find yourself with less client interaction than the year before. Then you find yourself asking, is this really why I joined an agency in the first place?

It’s not only clients that are making the switch to boutique agencies, but employees too.  From the atmosphere to the client interaction, boutique agencies have a lot to offer. Before you take that job at a big international agency, learn why a number of people prefer to work at boutique agencies.

1.     Personal and professional growth –Fresh out of college and looking to get some experience under your belt? Smaller PR agencies are a great way to grow at a fast pace. At boutique agencies, it’s all hands on deck. Interns and entry-level employees can have a seat at the table with the CEO and gain valuable experience from working directly with senior level management. High levels of responsibility are delegated to each member of the team, and everyone has a chance to leave their mark on the final product.

Smaller agencies aren’t only beneficial for entry-level professionals but, they also allow senior-level staff to become better leaders.  Boutique agencies provide senior leadership with the ability to effectively manage a team, run the agency to your liking, and get the results you want. Team leaders can handle the pressure of assigning the right tasks to the right people while also maintaining high levels of performance themselves.

2.     Tight-knit and familiar- No one is just a cog in the machine at boutique agencies. Each member of the staff plays a valuable role and contributes to the success of the firm. While happy hours are exactly foreign to them, boutique agencies don’t need to host sponsored happy hours to allow employees to form relationships with other staff.  Instead, teams work closely with one another and friendships and bonds form naturally because of this close environment. Beyond getting to know each other on a personal level, smaller agencies have the added benefit of not having to navigate through the bureaucracy of larger corporations. There is no worrying about hawkish management and the looming fear of subpar performance reviews. Employees work with their bosses as opposed to for them. Since boutique agencies don’t have hundreds of staff, when one person does poorly, it has a noticeable effect on everyone. For that reason, these agencies do their best to make sure that everyone is getting the support they need to succeed.

3.     Access to information – Being employed at a boutique agency means you get to know the agency you are working for like the back of your hand. Employees are encouraged to become familiar with all aspects of each client account and have the ability to propose ideas and solutions.  Internal communication is easier to manage, and rarely are members of the team left in the dark about a project status.

If you’re looking to maximize your growth potential, feel more at home when you’re at the office, and be kept in the loop, a boutique agency is a great fit . Naturally, different personalities are better suited for different work environments, but for those of you who aren’t quite sure, start off small. If anything, smaller agencies are a great way to learn about yourself, recognize your strengths, and hone in on the areas where improvement is needed.